Where’s your life taking you?


How do you spend the days of your life?

What do you want to look back upon with a smile of satisfaction and fulfilment?

Look at where you give your life’s energy. How does it compare with the most important parts of your life?

  • 20% of your waking life watching television? How does that compare to the time you spend enhancing your physical well-being?
  • 25% of your life in the misery of a job that’s boring, or unfulfilling, or that you hate? How does that compare with your desire to make a difference in the world?
  • Hours spent fretting about clutter (sort through, clear-out, fill charity bags, Freecycle, recycle/compost/throw it)? How does that compare to the time you spend nurturing your creative spark?

If someone were to say to you, ‘Your life is how it is because it got to be that way,’ how would you feel about that? How much do you feel like the author of your own life? How much do you let other’s opinions of what you should be or do influence what you settle for?

If any of this catches your attention, personal life coaching is for you!

Your life is yours to give in whatever way you want. Life coaching can help you figure out what you want, make a plan and take the steps to build the life you want.